YouTube Beginners Guide To A Successful Channel

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YouTube Channel Setup
Channel Art, Logo & Thumbnail
Video Editing
Video Ranking
YouTube Criteria Following
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About this Course

YouTube has undeniably become the number one platform for hosting and sharing videos, making it an important platform to have for individuals and businesses. The YouTube boom has become the biggest thing to hit the market since Google, following the popular phrase “Google it”, with it’s very own “YouTube it”.

In this free online course you will learn the hidden secrets of YouTube the Gurus never share! You need cutting-edge tools, tips & strategies that really get the views, subscribers & watch time. Much of what is taught in YouTube courses just doesn’t work anymore. These outdated methods may actually hurt your YouTube channel. You will be given an over-the-shoulder tutorial of specific tools & strategies to get top rankings in YouTube.

Starting from 07th December 2020


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